People jumping from Waterfall Basin of Life

The Waterfall Basin of Life

The Waterfall Basin of Life (命の滝壺 Inochi no Takitsubo) is a very large rocky cliff side located at the edge of Zabel Island, which is itself located at the border between the Human World and the Gourmet World, making it one of the three "safe" land routes into the treacherous Gourmet World with it acting as an entrance into Area 7.[1]

It is a massive barren cliff side high above Gourmet World's sea level and it is considered the easiest and the "safest" way to enter Gourmet World, however despite being called "safe" it is far from it as it is only safe when compared to the other routes, as all those who drop down the cliff are never seen again.

Despite its name, there are no actual waterfalls going down the cliff side other than the two giant ocean waterfalls on the two far ends of the island. Its name actually comes from the fact that hundreds of would-be challengers come to the basin every year to sky dive off the cliff in hopes of reaching Gourmet World below, and since none ever return, making it seem as if they jump only to lose their lives, it is called the "Waterfall Basin of Life" as lives are the only things that fall from this cliff.[2]

The only way to reach this place is by passing through the IGO's 18th Barrier and gaining the permission of Surveillance Chief Elboh. If one is a Gourmet Hunter, he or she will be allowed to pass through without objections.


Waterfall Basin of Life
Waterfall Basin of Life2
The 3 land roads to GW
People jumping from Waterfall Basin of Life2
Waterfall Basin of Life look from the cliff1
Waterfall Basin of Life look from the cliff2
Waterfall Basin of Life look from the cliff3
Toriko jumping off to the Gourmet World


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