West Mountain Area
Area 7 Map
Location Area 7
Affiliation Unknown Enbu Master (ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 246
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The West Mountain Area is the western region of Area 7. It is ruled by an Unknown Enbu Master.


The West Mountain Area is mostly made up of vast wastelands and small mountains. Amid this empty landscape is the immensely gigantic Birth Cry Tree, the third largest life form on the planet which grows between the West Mountain Area and the Zero Mountain Range. The titanic leaf crown of the Birth Cry Tree covers the skies of most of the West Mountain Area, giving it the appearance that the sky is in a constant state of night which is further enhanced by the many ancient PAIRs which decorate the tree's branches, making them resemble stars. To the northern coast of the area are two small islands and to its southern coast is a single loan island all of which are never seen or explored, much like the rest of the area.





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