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Third Demon profile
Race Appetite Demon
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Toriko (host)
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 349
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This mysterious entity is Toriko's original Appetite Demon.


White Demon color

White Demon's color scheme

White Demon Face Color

White Demon face's color scheme

Accompanied by an extremely muscular frame, the White Demon has wings on its back, long slick black hair pulled into a ponytail, pointed ears, and three scars on its face matching Toriko's.

It also seems to have some sort of gem on its forehead and what seem to be piercings connecting the corners of its mouth to its ears and running down the center of its chin.


Much like Ogre and the Blue Demon, the White Demon resides in a specific area within Toriko and the Spirit World where it spent much of its time sleeping. Unlike Ogre and the Blue Demon, the White Demon's area does not have a patterned door leading to it but rather seems to be simply in a free space where it slept, as both Ogre and the Blue Demon observe the White Demon awakening from its long slumber.


The White Demon seems to be a calm and laid back entity who is usually seen relaxing. During the instant in which it is manifested, it has a more soft spoken tone in comparison to the Blue Demon. The White Demon knows of Toriko's personality when it comes to Toriko's respect for ingredients and highly acknowledges Toriko's respect, even reminding Toriko to say them just before they defeat Acacia and stating that it loves hearing the words Toriko utters whenever he defeats his prey.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In the words of the Blue Demon, Toriko even in his current state could not manifest the White Demon's power for even an instant.

In retrospect, Asarudy's body, who is a much inferior host to Toriko, is capable of sustaining Don Slime (although it should be noted that Don Slime is not in prime form) for a considerable amount of time before his body wore out against Neo. Toriko, who even after eating six of Acacia's Full Course, could not manifest the third demon even for a "moment".

This same Toriko is capable of holding out while his Blue Demon is out, which is a demon capable of matching punches with a pre-evolved form of Neo. With both the Blue Demon and Neo being at least Eight King level, this places the White Demon at a vastly higher level than Toriko's other two Appetite Demons and the Eight Kings.

Even an evolved Neo is frightened by this demon, so much to the point that when it makes a brief appearance, Neo screams and punches Toriko away immediately. The demon also induces fear in Midora which even Neo is unable to do, further hinting at how tremendously powerful it is.

When the White Demon finally manifests, it uses a single finger to deliver the killing blow to Neo who had eaten all of the Eight Kings. Furthermore, the White Demon's own Gourmet Cells devour Neo's black Gourmet Cells, a phenomenon which completely astonishes Neo. The White Demon also mentions that it can only manifest for an instant even after Toriko has eaten Ogre.



Toriko inheriting the White Gourmet Cells of his Mother, making him the only viable being to host him, White Demon manifested within Toriko as his first and original Appetite Demon but had been asleep most of his life.


Drifting through the World of Souls, Komatsu encountered a cruise liner full of Appetite Demons. There, he saw Ogre and the Blue Demon sitting with a third one with wings on its back.[1]

Toriko Three Demons

Toriko's original Demon with the Red and Blue Demons

When Komatsu opens the Golden Can, Ogre and the Blue Demon stand in front of the White Demon within Toriko. Ogre tells it to wait its turn but the Blue Demon states that the White Demon was the first demon within Toriko.[2]

GOD ArcEdit

When Toriko grips onto Acacia's hand, Acacia briefly sees the White Demon within Toriko, and shocked by its presence, he immediately throws Toriko away. It appears once again after Toriko eats Ogre. Here it is shown relaxing and playing with Acacia's severed arm.[3]

During Toriko's combat with Acacia, Toriko manages to further damage Acacia and Neo thanks to Midora's rage-filled attacks. As Toriko states that he is deliberately feeding Acacia a powerful physical attack with nothing but rage without fear, Midora utters that the only time he felt fear was when he felt the presence of the White Demon.

After taking over the fight against Acacia and Neo, Toriko unleashes his full arsenal of attacks, each one filled with powerful rage and anger accommodating parts of a Full Course Menu. However with Neo consuming all of the Gourmet Luck present within everyone, Acacia and Neo manage to land a powerful blow to Toriko, but in the moment which they do, the White Demon latches onto Neo's arm. Neo's Black Gourmet Cells slowly succumb to the demon's white Gourmet Cells. The White Demon tells Toriko that his Full Course of Rage has concluded and Neo is ready to burst. It then reminds him not to forget the words he says at the end of every meal and encourages him to say them out. As Toriko performs his hand gesture to signal his victory, the White Demon pokes Neo's head, bursting it completely as Toriko sends his gratitude.


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