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Japanese ウィングリズリー
Romanized Uingurizurī
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 536
Habitat Near Zabel Island's Underground Forest (Area 7)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 263
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The Wingrizzly (ウィングリズリー Uingurizurī) is a creature that lives nearby Gourmet World's Underground Forest.


The Wingrizzly is a large, ursine-like beast with a white feathery ape-like body, a leathery hairless belly and chest and bird-like legs and wings. Its head is dark in color with round ears and long pointy horns atop its head. It has pale pupil-less eyes, numerous veins near its neck, and its upper lip is large and puffy and it has a rather large jaw and mouth. Its teeth are large, jagged and have flat surfaces.


The Wingrizzly appears to be an aggressive beast as indicated by its fierce and intimidating expression, but despite this, it fears things that could kill it and will try to avoid them if necessary.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wingrizzley evades Flying Fork

With a CLVL of 536, this beast is far more powerful than any creature in the Human World, and appears to be around average or below average strength for a common Gourmet World beast, as so it can be considered to be very strong, but not on the level of other high-tier Gourmet World beasts with capture levels in their thousands. It is quite fast, capable of almost dodging one of Toriko's Flying Forks, but not without losing some of its teeth to the attack.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Flying Fork reaches Wingrizzley

The Wingrizzly was first seen wandering the area near the Underground Forest after Toriko used his improved Flying Fork on a Breath Dragon. However, the Breath Dragon managed to partly avoid the attack which continues to fly in the direction of the Wingrizzly, which drops to the ground and barely avoids it at the loss of some of its teeth.


Wingrizzley Submission

Wingrizzley Submission

  • It was created by Abe Yuutarou from Yamagata.
  • Its name is a portmanteau of "Wing" and "Grizzly".

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