World of Souls
World of Souls
Japanese 魂の世界
Romanized Tamashī no Sekai
English Spirit World
Aliases Time Zero (タイム0 Taimu Zero)
Affiliation Moon,
Back Channel
Residents ANOTHER,
Food Spirits,
Appetite Demons
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 346
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The World of Souls (魂の世界 Tamashī no Sekai) is the name of the afterlife in the world of Toriko. The only ways to enter this domain are either through the Food Spirit Doors or death; however, living beings cannot enter the doors for the world beyond because it does not have a flow of time like the living world.[1]

The Back Channel is a lesser realm created by superphotonic speeds making tears in the barriers between the physical world and the World of Souls. It is tied closely to the World of Souls, and can be accessed by living beings to avoid dangers or reach locations at a faster rate and while in the Back Channel living beings may be able to see the souls that lie beyond.[1]

The world, or at least its entries, are overseen by Lord Ika, the Judge of Souls who decides whether or not souls may come and go from the World of Souls.[2]


A proper description of the World of Souls is almost impossible give due to that this world is not limited by the restrictions of space and time, and can constantly change at any time. However, there have been instances in which a spirit and their realm have been seen in the Back Channel, often showing the World of Souls as an identical world to that of the physical realm however the key difference between the two is that the world seems much darker in that there seems to be no visible sky; whether this is just the Back Channel's appearance or if the World of Souls looks like the Back Channel remains uncertain.

Kitchen of Food Spirits

Kitchen of Food Spirits

The deepest realms of the World of Souls is a mysterious place devoid of light, where concepts like time and space are not definite, making spirits who dwell within too long unable to resist the light of the living world. The World of Souls is normally perceived as a strange, dark and sea-like domain of seeming darkness; however, within it exists what can only be described as its own universe complete with stars and planets. Things resembling physical objects, such as cruise ships, furniture, and kitchens, can also manifest here somehow. Notably a gigantic cruise ship can be seen floating through the endless starry space of the realm which is mainly inhabited by Appetite Demons.[3] There is also a planetoid seemingly made out of kitchens, which is referred to as the Kitchen of Food Spirits (食霊たちの厨房 Shoku Rei-tachi no Chūbō), where the spirits of chefs can prepare Spirit Food and bring out its flavor.[4][5]

Despite not being a physical domain, it is shown that certain creatures capable of physical interaction can exist here, such as the Casket Crab,[5] which itself houses its own inner world (possibly just a portal into the Back Channel) where extinct creatures are preserved.[6] Although whether it is a spirit or some other form of being is unknown.

Entrance to the World of SoulsEdit

The mystery behind the World of Souls lies in the fact that despite being unseen, it exists in parallel to the land of the living meaning that even when one cannot see creatures who are within the World of Souls, the Food Spirits that reside within the world are more than aware of the other side and what is happening around them.

The first method of entry is through the use of the Back Channel; however, this method does not actually take one to the World of Souls, but merely allows them to perceive it. Living beings cannot enter the World of Souls under any circumstance as time does not flow here which is the reason for this world's other name, Time Zero (タイム0 Taimu Zero). Because time does not flow here, physical beings cannot exist within it. As such only a disembodied consciousnesses, such as Food Spirits, or beings in a death-like state (which can be induced through Knocking) can freely enter the World of Souls. Those who enter the world for the first time will be completely befuddled and unable to even grasp what is happening around them with no sense of time or awareness, but eventually spirits who enter the realm will be able to adapt to the environment and gain a personally perceived sense of physical time, allowing them to perceive the World of Souls.[1]

The second method of entry is through the Food Spirit Doors, located on the three islands that make up the geography of Area 6 and with a fourth door hidden beneath the depths of Area 6's seas. These doors are special gateways which may allow a person to enter the World of Souls but also allows Food Spirits to travel to the physical world as well in order to posses the bodies of the living. This method of entry is much more difficult than the first method shown as the entrances are located within the dangerous areas of Area 6. The three islands which harbor the Food Spirit Doors are surrounded by either destructive weather phenomena or extremely powerful and deadly beasts. The fourth door is known to be the safest entry as it is located within the lands of an ancient civilization hidden beneath the waters of Area 6, Blue Grill. Despite being the safest door, the fourth door is still difficult to locate as Blue Grill is located within the Black Triangle, and within the Black Triangle swims a member of the Eight Kings, the Whale King Moon. Despite this, the doors can also not be entered by physical beings and is simply the easiest way for a spirit to leave or return to the World of Souls. As such if a living being wishes to enter, they may have to give up their life.[7][1]


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