Wul Continent
The Northern Wul Continent and Southern Wul Continent making up the entirety of the Wul Continent
Japanese ウール大陸
Romanized Ūru tairiku
Location Human World
Affiliation Northern Wul Continent,
Southern Wul Continent
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 56
Anime Episode 19
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The Wul Continent is the combined continental landmass of both the Northern Wul Continent and the Southern Wul Continent and it is one of the largest landmasses within the Human World. The northern and southern continents are connected through a small connection of land and the Wul Continent itself is located in the southwest region of the Human World about 20-30 degrees below the equator.

To the northwest of the Wul Continent is the neighboring Wak Continent and to its northeast is the Central Human World.


The continent is massive in size with both its halves being around 120 million square meters large (making both its halves twice the size of Eurasia). The northern half is mostly a warm climate that is host to rain forests, massive deserts and volcanoes as well as unique sky-based environments. The geography of its southern half is mostly unknown but it appears to be quite forested as well.



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