Wul Volcano
Wul Vulcano
Japanese ウール火山
Romanized Ūru Kazan
English Wul Volcano
Location Northern Wul Continent
Affiliation Magma Rats
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 59
Anime Episode 20
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Wul Volcano (ウール火山 Ūru Kazan) is a volcanic region in the Northern Wul Continent. It is referred to as a "hotspot" due to the constant magma flow beneath the ground which causes the temperature to rise so high that the area is like a sauna.

The only creatures capable of surviving in this region are the Magma Rats. The magma beneath the land has a temperature of 1400 degrees and the land itself is roughly 1300 degrees and might cook anyone alive if stood on for too long, so it is safer to stand on the large circular rocks which decorate the land. All the rocks are oddly stacked atop other rocks and the higher the rock stands the less hot it is, but even so all the rocks have a high melting point and will eventually cook anything that stays on them for too long, although at a slower pace than the ground. Gourmet Craftsmen use these rocks as saucepans or other such things. The volcano's ash also contains edible salt that's just the right amount for spicing up the Blue Blood Corn.




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