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Japanese よっち
Romanized Yotchi
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday April 13th
Age 60
Status Deceased
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Gourmet Hunter (retired)
Personal Status
Relatives Miko (wife)
Meeko (pet)
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 147
Anime Debut Episode 74
Japanese Voice Ishida Taro
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Yocchi was an ex-Gourmet Hunter and the owner of the Chicken Tiger, Meeko and the field where the animal laid her eggs.


He was a short, old man with a round nose and a single tuft of white hair above his forehead. He had a single missing tooth and three parallel scars slashed diagonally across his face.

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While seemingly grouchy and stubborn, Yocchi was actually kind and caring, and was a man of great judgement, being able to know a good person when he saw one. He was a man of great wisdom and generosity to those he knew had a kind heart and most of all he was a loving husband who deeply cared for his late wife Miko. When Meeko came into his life he knew this was a second chance to give his wife's soul all the love he could not give in life and as such he loved Meeko like family and she in return loved him and watched over his grave upon his death. He also quickly grew fond of Toriko and Komatsu, knowing that they were both kind folk and greatly enjoyed his last moments with them.



Yocchi 50 years ago

As a young man, he worked very hard to ensure that both he and his ill wife got enough money to live in luxury. Unfortunately his constant working kept him away from her very often, because of this his wife couldn't get what she really wanted: to eat together with her husband. Eventually her weak body succumbed to the illness and she passed away on her bed, but not before telling Yocchi of her final wish of wanting to have one last meal with him. After that he buried her beneath the cherry blossom tree in their land.

After she died Yocchi grieved heavily for her loss, but one day, while he was was on his way to visit her grave, he found an abandoned Chicken Tiger chick over his wife's grave, having seen this as a sign, he believed the chick to be his wife Miko's reincarnation, so he raised her as family calling it Meeko after his beloved late wife and promised to give the little one all the love and attention he failed to give his wife in life.

To make money he started selling his land off bit by bit for extremely high prices, the land was highly sought after due to the presence of Meeko since Chicken Tigers have a capture level of 50 and their eggs were an impossibly rare delicacy. However when he reached the last 3 square meters of land he owned where his wife was buried and where he found Meeko, he refused to sell no matter how much was offered to him.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

Yocchi sharing Meeko's egg.

Many years later he finally decided to sell the small plot of land at the starting bid of 10 billion yen as he knew that he had only a short time to live. Many businessmen and landlords came to him offering exuberant amounts of money but Yocchi flat out denied every single offer that came his way no matter how high it was and still calling it "cheap". It wasn't until Toriko arrived requesting to buy the land just so he could taste the egg rather than for wealth did Yocchi decide to tell the his story and his reasons for pricing the land so high. The group then enjoyed the delicious Chicken Tiger egg and partied throughout the night before telling Toriko and Komatsu his story. After Toriko and Komatsu listened to the old man's story, they understood the significance the land had for him and his reasons for charging such an impossible price for it, since he knew he was going to die soon he was only willing to part with the land to someone who had a kind and generous heart and a love for food. Because of their kind hearts and the happiness that they were able to give Yocchi, the ex-Gourmet Hunter agreed to give them the last piece of land, on the stipulation that they would come and play with Meeko once he died.

Toriko and Komatsu pay their respects to Yocchi while witnessing the birth of a young Chicken Tiger in his place.

He died soon after, but with the birth of a new Chicken Tiger chick on the old man's grave Toriko believes that he has been reincarnated and is truly together with Miko again.


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