Yocchi's House
Location Human World
Affiliation Yocchi (deceased), Miko (deceased), Meeko, Toriko, Komatsu
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 147
Anime Episode 74
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Yocchi's House is a small wooden shack in the middle of a barren field which used to be entirely owned by Yocchi until he was forced to sell it bit by bit after his retirement in order to get by.


It is a small adobe consisting of a small wooden shack and a small dome-shaped stone building. The terrain around the house is mostly a barren landscape of dirt with very little vegetation and dead trees, however it once had a number of lovely cherry blossom trees. After Yocchi's passing, several cherry blossom trees began to bloom again.



Yocchi once resided hear with his beloved wife Miko until her untimely demise. Nearing his final years, all that was left of his property was his house and the area where his Chicken Tiger, Meeko laid her eggs, which was actually the grave site of his wife and soon enough his resting place as well.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

His property now belongs to Toriko and Komatsu who bought it from him after they bonded with the old man before his passing and they were also entrusted with looking after Meeko and her chick.


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