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Japanese ユダ
Romanized Yuda
English Yuda
Aliases 1 Millimeter Yuda (1ミリのユダ 1-Miri no Yuda)
Medicinal Cooking Authority (薬膳の重鎮 Yakuzen no Jūchin)
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 27
Age 120 (start of the series);
124 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 202cm
Weight 78kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Zen Ou Restaurant
Occupation Chef
Partner Zen (combo partner, deceased)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 156
Anime Episode 114
Japanese Ishizumi Akihiko
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1 Millimeter Yuda (1ミリのユダ 1-Miri no Yuda) is a famous chef and the owner of the 10-star Zen Ou Restaurant. Holding 5th place in the IGO Chef Ranking, he is one of the top 5 greatest chefs in the world.[1] He is also the combo partner of the late Gourmet Hunter-in-training, Zen, whose Full Course Menu was inherited by Yuda and is said to cure almost any ailment.



Yuda in the manga.

Yuda is a very tall elderly-looking man with very long brown hair and an equally long mustache. He wears traditional green-colored Japanese chef clothing resembling a robe and with a white apron tied around his waist. On his top he has two Japanese kanji written in a dark green color (red in the anime), meaning "Medicine" and "Tray".

He has a very symmetrical appearance which is consistent with his obsession with order and balance and his dislike for even 1 millimeter of error.

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Yuda is very proud of his ability to do things without straying by as much as one millimeter, so much so that he mentions this in almost every sentence. He is very kind and humble as he allows employees to evacuate to safety and gladly gives Komatsu an autograph promising "not even one millimeter of imperfection" in his signature. He is also a strong and brave individual of great courage who shows no fear in the face of dangerous beings such as the Four Beast and was even willing to fight Nitro despite their higher strength, however he can still be shocked and frightened by overwhelmingly powerful entities.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the head chef/owner of the Zen Ou Restaurant he has absolute authority over it and its staff. Yuda is apparently quite strong as well since, as Toriko mentioned, he is one of the few who does not have to worry about the Four Beasts. Joejoe mentions his name as one of the chefs that would be difficult to capture.

He has impressive speed and stamina, demonstrated by his ability to run alongside Setsuno and Zaus in the last part of the Triathlon. He has shown signs of superhuman strength and accuracy as well when serving cooked dishes at the customers by throwing them in their plates, despite them being very far away from him. He is also a superb swordsman. He is very intelligent as he is able to recognize that the Scum Beasts are using Food Pressure instead of Food Honor, a note worthy feat as Chiru, a long time user of Food Honor, is convinced the enemies are using the latter. Yuda can adapt to harsh environments, even for the Gourmet World standards, such as a sphere of water with multidirectional gravity, and, in one occasion, he even figures out how to influence it to suit his wishes, as if he were "cooking" it.

Following a traumatic failure in his past brought about by his overconfidence, Yuda has developed unwavering composure and concentration, which he can keep up even in the direst situations, preventing himself from making the tiniest mistake. Coupled with his observational skills and experience, these abilities helped him become one of the best chefs not only of the Human World, but the planet itself.

Chef Skills[]

Yuda cooking at CF

Yuda's masterful cooking skills.

As the chef on the top floor of the Gourmet Towers' knife building, he is the best in the buildings and as revealed by the IGO's chef ranking, he is the 5th greatest chef in the world with nearly unparalleled skill in the culinary arts. Even in his younger days, he was considered a prodigy. He has a perfect sense of balance and is able to pile and carry multiple trays on his hands and head without dropping them. His great wealth of experience allows him to figure out the best method for cooking extremely rare Ingredients he has never seen in a very short time. He has earned the title of Super Cook twice. Yuda specializes in medicinal cooking, a curative style of cooking that is suited for Food Immersion users. He is the first master of this discipline to make his dishes taste good. As the authority of medicinal cooking he is able to create a cure for Green Rain, a Gourmet World-level weather condition that can kill people in an hour. In less than a hour he can cook enough cures for 100,000 people. Another of his greatest culinary accomplishments is the victory in the match against Condor Window, one of the five greatest chefs in Blue Grill who boasts more than 3,000 years of experience. His skills are so great that in that match, he manages to prepare not only the assigned ingredient but also the abnormal space he is in to his liking.


Yuda can perfectly perform Knocking on beasts he has never seen even in very difficult conditions.


Yuda taking out his Bannou Yakutou

Bannou Yakutou

Yuda uses a long, elaborately-decorated Melk Kitchen Knife called Bannou Yakutou, which he is extremely proficient in using. It can be wielded with either one or two hands. 


Yuda using his Bannou Yakutou

1 Millimeter Thousand Cut (1ミリ千斬り 1-Miri Zengiri): Yuda rapidly cuts his prey into thousands of tiny pieces with his kitchen knife. The movement is so fast that an observer sees it as a single swing.[2]

Medicine and Food have the Same Origin: Resurrection Cut (医食同源 蘇生斬り Ishoku Dōgen: Sosei Giri): Yuda revives himself after fainting with a self-inflicted slash. This technique allows him to recover even from very serious wounds; however, the injuries themselves do not disappear, and apparently he cannot replenish his stamina.[3]

Yuda's use KiketsuAppu

Medicine and Food Have the Same Origin: Vigor Up (医食同源 気血アップ Ishoku Dōgen: Kiketsu Appu, Viz: "Medicinal Food: Spirit Up"): Yuda bulks up, increasing his strength and speed without losing precision.[4]

Yuda's use Asyura mai

Medicine and Food Have the Same Origin: Asura Dance (医食同源 阿修羅舞 Ishoku Dōgen: Ashura Mai, Viz: "Medicinal Food: Furious Dance"): A series of cuts boasting great speed and even greater precision, it is performed wielding Bannou Yakutou with both hands.[5]



In his youth, Yuda was a skilled and boastful chef under the tutelage of his cooking master and hoped to one day inherit his master's legacy and restaurant. However Yuda was continuously failed by his master who noted that while Yuda was intelligent, it made him overconfident due to never knowing failure, and such overconfidence would keep him from being worthy of his master's position. Because of his overconfidence, Yuda's master instructed his student to travel the world in order for him to fully realize what is truly important to becoming a great chef. Yuda followed his master's advice and traveled the world in order to seek what he was missing.

During his travels, he met a young boy named Zen whom had fought against an aggressive Medicine Cattle. Despite the low level of the cattle, Zen struggled. Yuda carried Zen back to his village and realized the village was plagued with a disease. As a medicinal chef, Yuda prepared the medicinal food in order to heal the villagers but because it is mainly a medicine, the food had undesirable taste which caused a number of the villagers to not eat the food. When he went to meet the boy he rescued, Zen asked Yuda if he was a real chef as the medicine had terrible taste, Yuda replies by saying he can make tasty food too. Despite the comment however, Zen wished to become a Gourmet Hunter and asked Yuda if he would form a combo with him. Yuda was merely amused by the child's comment on creating an invincible combo, stating that the boy's skill was not balanced with his. Before he could continue to finish his comment, Zen coughs out blood rapidly, shocking the medicinal chef. Yuda then realized that when he prepared the antidote for the village, he needed to create two separate openings during the preparation stages of the antidote cooking to separate the children's antidote from the adult's (which is a mere one millimeter), however due his overconfidence, he didn't see that he had made the mistake when he cooked the medicine for Zen, inadvertently causing Zen's death.

Yuda then remembers the words of his master in that if one does not know failure, they are open to overconfidence and with overconfidence eventually comes negligence, even if it is simply by one millimeter. He remembers the final words of his master before his travels, in Medicinal Cooking, even one millimeter of negligence is an irreversible mistake, which Yuda soon realizes after Zen's death.

After Yuda's experience of failure, he took Zen's Full Course Menu and took it as his own to honor the child and made his name in Gourmet Age as the first person to create Mouth Watering Medicinal Cooking. Ever since then, Yuda had not allowed himself even one millimeter of mistake, often stating the phrase "one millimeter" in order to remind himself and to teach others that even one millimeter can be a great difference.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Yuda is first mentioned along with "National Treasure" Setsuno, "Cooking King" Zaus, "Ramen Master" Kurakage, "Oil User" Wabutora, "Iron Plate Magician" Moh, "Ethnic King" Klaraman, "Poison Cuisine" Tylan, and "Boss of Underground Cooking" Livebearer in a brief conversation by Joejoe where he states that they would be the most difficult to kidnap and that Gourmet Corp. would have to find better ways to acquire more chefs to its side.[6]

Four Beast Arc[]

Yuda is first seen serving the Four Heavenly Kings an extravagant meal at his Zen Ou Restaurant on the top of the Gourmet Towers before their battle against the Four Beasts and shows no signs of worry from its eventual arrival. After Komatsu and Rin arrive, he is amazed by Komatsu's ability to perfectly cook the Bubble Fruit without a millimeter of imperfection and finds his preparation of it to be truly delicious. He then bids farewell to the group as they leave to fight the Four Beasts.

After the true Four Beast appears and releases its poisonous Green Rain, Komatsu sets off back to the Gourmet Towers on Zebra's Dharma Horse in order to prepare an antidote for the Green Rain with the help of Yuda and his masterful medicinal cooking skills. Upon arriving, Yuda explains that it would be impossible for just the two of them to make enough antidotes for all those infected and that the outlook was grim unless they had more master chefs to accomplish the task. Luckily Johannes, after receiving the info on the Green Rain, gathers up all the master chefs available nearby to help in the antidote preparation, which included Setsuno, Nono, Livebearer, Chiru, Damala Sky XIII, Tsurara Mama, Sumire, and Lulubhu.

With raised hopes, Yuda begins explaining the process in making the antidote for the Green Rain, the Medicinal Mochi, and its unique properties based around the color wheel and that colors that oppose one another can nullify each other; as such he shows them the mochi color that is needed to be made, the Purple Mochi. Komatsu then eagerly prepares to make all the antidotes he can but is informed that it is impossible to make enough due to their still low numbers and that the Medicinal Mochi is a Special Preparation Ingredient, making it impossible for them to bring ordinary chefs to help. Komatsu then requests that he be allowed to simplify the mochi's preparation process in hopes of saving all the poisoned victims. Yuda and the others comply and give Komatsu a set amount of time to complete it before its too late and have to decide which individuals will get the mochi.

The master chefs then await Komatsu's return but they and Yuda remain certain that Komatsu cannot accomplish such a difficult task in little time, however Setsuno, Livebearer and Chiru convince them otherwise, telling them of Komatsu's natural talent and how he discovered the simplified ways to prepare the food at Disappearing Cuisine. Komatsu along with Nono is eventually able to finish the simplification under the target time much to Yuda and everyone's shock, and Nono arrives to tell them that she did not help him and that he actually found the method much sooner than expected, explaining that he spent the remaining time making the mochi more delicious, much to Yuda and everyone's further shock.

Setsuno analyzes Mochi

Yuda and Setsuno impressed by Komatsu's simplified mochi.

Komatsu then begins explaining the simplified process to countless ordinary chefs via webcam and Yuda stares on in awe and shock of Komatsu's amazing discovery and how truly simple it was.

After the Four Beasts were defeated and the Purple Mochi was distributed, Yuda and Setsuno look over how Komatsu simplified the Medical Mochi and he realizes that Komatsu is truly a genius. When Setsuno suggested that they recommend Komatsu to the Gourmet Seven, Yuda replied that he already recommended Komatsu and that they have acknowledge his skills as a chef.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Tairan departs to Cooking Fest

Yuda, Sumire, Lulubhu and Tylan depart for the fest.

Sometime after the event with the Four Beast, Yuda is seen departing Food Park Plaza along with Sumire, Lulubhu and Tylan at the train station as they plan to leave for Cooking Island and take part in the Cooking Festival. Yuda and the others eventually arrived to their destination and were one of the many chefs introduced when the festival's competition began. Yuda entered the Cooking Stadium as the 17th entry, following Wabutora. After entering Yuda quickly made note that he would not allow this year's title of "Super Cook" to escape his grasp.[7]

Setsuno, Yuda and Zaus

Yuda along with Zaus and Setsuno in the lead.

Later at the end of the first event, Triathlon Cooking, Yuda was about to finish third in the race, behind Setsuno and Zaus, but Brunch with his ridiculous speed was able to surprise all three of them, going in front of them and stealing the win a moment before they finished, and he began provoking the three top chefs by calling them "elderly problems" for dominating the industry for so long and taking the spotlight away from the younger generation, this naturally irritates the three elderly chefs who begin berating Buranchi for his rudeness. Also Since Brunch was carrying Komatsu with him, Yuda finished 5th.

Yuda passes the three preliminary events: Triathlon Cooking, Scale Death Cooking, and Entire Island Cooking. In the Champion Tournament, his opponent is Moh.[8] After the Gourmet Corp. invades the Cooking Festival, he and his fellow chefs prepare for battle.

Yuda using 1 Milli Zengiri

Yuda fighting off the Scum Beasts.

With his 1 Millimeter Thousand Cut, Yuda kills some Scum Beasts.[9] Later, he screams in terror as Nitro appear on the field of battle. One of them instantly knocks him out with a powerful blow to his head.[10] After staying unconscious for some time, he revives himself with Resurrection Cut and explains to Chiru, who is fighting an abnormally powerful Scum Beast, that her opponent is using Food Pressure. Their talk is interrupted by Damala Sky XIII as he notices many other monsters on the Gourmet Corp.'s side coming down from the sky. But, thanks to Zebra, they all fall dead to the ground.[11]

When Jiro arrives at the stadium, Yuda is paralyzed by his Knocking. He explains a baffled Zaus, who thought only the entire island had been targeted, that Jiro could actually have blocked the whole world. He then notices the immense tsunami brought around by the Knocking master and yells in fear.

When Midora's Meteor Spice began to fall upon the island, Yuda was one of the many who stared in shock at the incoming horror, luckily he and all those still present on Cooking Island were protected by the efforts of Setsuno and Jiro.

Billion Bird Arc[]

A year and a half later, Yuda was a part of the group of chefs who appeared after the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu located the chest containing the Billion Bird egg, lead there by the voice of the ingredients. He was amon the group that were astonished at how Komatsu, Sunny, and Zebra attempted to hatch the egg. Then he and the other chefs went back to prepare for the billion birds arrival.

At the 15th Zen Ou store, he discovered that the texture of the feathers were like that of a vegetable, and that the blood can be used as a dipping sauce. Stating that there wasn't one millimeter of of the bird that can't be used, he went on to create the Billion Bird Chicken Nanban and Stir-Fried Chicken and Vegetable in medicinal sauce dishes.

AIR Arc[]

Yuda is one of the many people who goes to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World, and he and his fellow chefs promise to cook all the ingredients that they send.[12]

PAIR Arc[]

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally came into the Human World, Yuda joined up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journeyed to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrived in Area 8's Hex Food World, they were told by the Daruma Hermit that the Heavenly Kings had already departed from the Area 8 and headed to Area 7, much to their disappointment. However the Daruma Hermit then offered them their last remaining Safety Monster to help take the group to Area 7, the Crabbus.


With the absence of Komatsu and Chiyo, Yuda chooses himself, Wabutora, Chiru, Damala Sky XIII, and Nono to participate in the cooking competition against the Ten-Shell Five.[13] In the first match, Yuda and Condor Window compete to prepare Leafish.[14] While Yuda reflects on his experience with special-preparation ingredients, Condor takes an early lead. Yuda uses Asura Dance to descale his Leafish, as well as to slice the multi-gravity space around him, altering the gravity to pull his bubble up. With Yuda's bubble floating straight up, the Seesaw Kitchen drops Condor into the Soul Furnace.[15]

Full Course Menu[]

Yuda's Full Course Menu originally belonged to his late combo partner Zen. The ingredients in their menu were picked for their medicinal aspects and together they could cure almost any ailment.[16] Despite their low capture levels, these ingredients represent the dreams and ambitions of Zen which are also carried by Yuda who adopted this Full Course as his own and honored Zen's wishes to make these poorly tasting medicines into delicious meal for any sick individual to enjoy.[17]

Yuda's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Soul Herb Medicine Salad 9 Decided
Soup Soup Herbal Tree Sap Soup 5 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Health Whale Liver 20 Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Medicine Cattle Stew 4 Decided
Main Course MainDish Strength Turtle's Wishes 0 Decided
Salad Salad Detox Herb Recovery Salad 12 Decided
Dessert Dessert Immortal Apple Jelly 18 Decided
Drink Drink Health God's Sweat 1 Decided

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • The anime shows him with a lighter hair color while in the manga his hair appears to be a dark brown.
  • The two symbols on his chest are given a red color in the anime, while in the manga they are dark green.


Yuda CAD

Yuda's CAD


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