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Yun GGB.png
Japanese ユン
Romanized Yun
English Yun
Race Wall Penguin
Birthday December 12th
Height 145 cm
Weight 100 kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Komatsu's pet
Personal Status
Relatives Parents (deceased)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 74
Anime Episode 28
Japanese Voice Tomoko Kaneda
English Voice Jad Saxton
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Yun (ユン) is the baby Wall Penguin found by Komatsu in Ice Hell. Komatsu names it after the sound the little penguin makes.


Yun is a small baby Wall Penguin whose height barely reaches Komatsu's waist. It has bright pink and fluffy feathers with a dark pink spot in the middle of its belly and small beady black eyes. When fishing at Pot Pond, it wears a small saddlebag around its body which it uses to keep Savorth Worms for fishing and snacking on. Later during the Cooking Festival, it is shown that he has grown to be about Komatsu's size and is even able to carry him on his back. After the time skip, Yun's dark spot is bigger and shaped like a rounded refrigerator door.

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It is very energetic and cheerful, and like most baby Wall Penguins, it tends to be very affectionate to those it encounters and is very innocent about its surroundings; unlike most it is actually able to tell when a situation is dangerous and will easily be frightened by such events. It also cares deeply for Komatsu and always treats him with absolute kindness and affection, and vice versa. In the anime it is also shown to get along very well with Kruppoh, Tina's Carrier Balloon Pigeon. He also gains enough bravery to save Komatsu during the Cooking Fest war despite the dangerous fighting ensuing around it.

Powers and Abilities[]

During the Cooking Festival arc, Yun shows it is strong enough to fly short distances while carrying Komatsu.

During PAIR arc, it is revealed that Yun has the high-level safety monster ability. Its dark spot is a door that opens up with Yun's body turning into a Rest Room big enough to store Komatsu. Yun can also expand the size of the Rest Room by inhaling.


Century Soup Arc[]

When Komatsu first finds Yun, he hopes to return it to its parents, but after they are horribly killed by the Gourmet Corp. Tommyrod, Komatsu decides to adopt the little guy and keep it as a pet. This decision later pays off greatly as it turns out that Yun's saliva is the final key ingredient in completing the Century Soup, which raises Komatsu's status to new heights.

It is later seen accompanying Komatsu to Toriko's house warming party.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

Trip to the Beach (Anime)[]

Yun playing with Terry and Ob.

In the anime, Toriko invited Komatsu and Yun to the beach to enjoy a vacation. Throughout most of the vacation, Yun happily played with Terry Cloth and Ob.

Autumn Break Arc[]

Yun accompanied Komatsu and Toriko on their trip to the Gourmet Temple.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Komatsu later takes Yun with him to Pot Pond where he, Toriko, and their friends fish for the Madam Fish. Yun spends most of the time having fun by sliding on the ice with its belly or handing out Savorth Worms for fishing.

Cooking Fest Arc[]

Yun shows up during the war to save Komatsu from being attacked by Scum Beasts and at the same time demonstrates its new flying ability. It also helps Komatsu dodge Grinpatch's Breath Missile. It flies Komatsu to see Toriko, but when they get there, Starjun appears to have already defeated Toriko.

AIR Arc[]

A year and a half later, Yun is shown to be alive and well (although its whereabouts and caretaker during Komatsu's absence is not mentioned). Yun is present at Toriko Harbor along with the animal partners of the Four Heavenly Kings as they join their masters in getting ready to go to the Gourmet World. Once they have said their goodbyes, the Kings, Komatsu, and their animal partners hop on the Octomelon which takes them to the Thorn Sea and the third entrance to the Gourmet World, Yutou Island's Harbor of Evil Spirits.

PAIR Arc[]

While the Four Heavenly Kings are fighting the Monkey King Bambina, Yun stays by Komatsu's side in the Denshark. When "Kaka" betrays the Heavenly Kings, Komatsu and Yun are no where to be found. After the Heavenly Kings defeat Bambina and obtain PAIR, Yun pops up out of the ground and opens up its chest and reveals Komatsu stored inside. Kaka, upon seeing this, comments with surprise that Yun is a camping monster with a high-level safe zone.


  • It ranked 12th in the first Popularity Poll with 192 votes.
  • Out of all the Animal Partners shown, it is the smallest. Not counting Kruppoh, as it only appears in the anime and is capable of expanding its size.
  • Its voice actor also voices Sumire and Granny Kama.
  • Its design is similar to Elizabeth from Gintama series.

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