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Japanese ユー
English Yuu
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday April 10th
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. 2nd Branch Chief
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 63
Anime Episode 22
Japanese Maeno Tomoaki
English Eric Vale
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Yuu (ユー ) is the Chief of Gourmet Corp.'s 2nd Branch, the Information Gathering Team, and one of the elite members capable of entering the Gourmet World. Yuu is a pale, gentlemanly figure whose polite mannerisms and calm demeanor belie his true nature.

He is a side antagonist during the Century Soup Arc and the main antagonist of the anime-only Golden Wheat Arc.


He is a very pale skinned man whose snow-white skin matches his equally light-lavender hair. He has the same kind of eyes as Kuromado (black with white pupils), dresses in renaissance-like clothes and is somewhat of a pretty boy, giving him an extremely effeminate appearance.

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He appears to be the politest of the Branch Chiefs, using honorary suffixes and polite manner of speech when addressing his more sinister and vulgar peers. Despite his seemingly gentlemanly behavior, he is just as ruthless and violent as his comrades and will not hesitate in killing anyone even if the situation does not call for it, as shown during his encounter with Komatsu in Ice Hell.

The anime further expands on his personality, showing that his loyalty to the Gourmet Corp. and the pride he has in his Branch is without question and is willing to stake his own honor and reputation to prove the worth of himself and his Branch to Alfaro and Midora. He is as uncaring about nature as his peers and will destroy natural fields without much reason. He is also manipulative and strategic, trying to provoke Toriko's anger by confessing that he is the one who tried to kill Komatsu in Ice Hell. He is also incredibly arrogant and overconfident even when the situation is not in his favor.

Powers and Abilities[]

As he is a Branch Chief, it can be inferred that he has great combat prowess, however to what extent his powers go is unknown. His rank may suggest that out of the Branch Chiefs he is second only to Elg, the former Branch Chief of the first division who was already capable of entering the Gourmet World in the first part of the series. Joejoe praised his aptitude for manipulating a GT Robo, regarding him as one of the best operators, if not the best. It should be noted that he is the only member of the Gourmet Corp. to be able to pilot the "Micro-Model" GT Robo. With this GT Robo, he attacks and incapacitates Komatsu, leaving him quite bruised and bloody but not enough to make his injuries life-threatening. Yuu notes with disappointment, however, that unlike the larger models, which are able to kill several creatures at a time, the "Micro-Model" is incapable of killing even a single normal human. Later on, it is shown that his powers have grown greatly and he is now capable of entering the Gourmet World and is able to fight alongside the elite of the management class of the Gourmet Corp. This is later to be proven true when he takes part in the assault on the 50th annual Cooking Festival.

In the anime, Yuu displayed remarkable skills in hand-to-hand combat, which allowed him to challenge Toriko at close quarters. He is also rather strong and deft, as he distanced himself from his opponent with somersaults. His speed also slightly exceeded Toriko's, although it is unclear how much of his heightened physical abilities is due to the New Model GT Robo.

Yuu has demonstrated considerable knowledge regarding rare Ingredients and data about the IGO. Since his division is in charge of information, it only befits his status.


Yuu using Stimulation Seasoning - Kaien.jpg

Stimulation Seasoning "Cayenne" (刺激調味料「解塩かいえん Shigeki Chōmiryō "Kaien"): Yuu generates a thick mist with scorching properties and envelopes his targets with it. It is blocked by Anyo Jr.'s Sweetness Seasoning "Sugar Curtain".[1]


Century Soup Arc[]

Near the beginning of this arc during the Gourmet Corp.'s gathering, he informs his comrades of the legendary Century Soup which is set to make its next appearance in Ice Hell, thus setting in motion the events that would lead the Gourmet Corp. to order a team consisting of Barrygamon, Bogie Woods, and Tommyrod to retrieve the soup and eliminate all who may get in their way.

Yū (in his GT Robo) attacks Komatsu.

During Toriko's battle with Tommyrod in Ice Hell's Gourmet Show Window (the source of the Century Soup), Komatsu had obtained the last remaining samples of Century Soup located beneath the Gourmet Show Window, however unbeknownst to him, Yuu had been spying on him with the use of his "Micro Model" GT Robo and after Komatsu had placed the Century Soup in his Gourmet Case, Yuu assaulted him leaving him battered and bruised and he then ran off with the Century Soup, but not without commenting on how disappointed he was in the Micro Model’s inability to kill even one small human. He then delivered the Century Soup to a pleased Alfaro who would then do the honors of presenting it to their boss.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Yuu is seen alongside his fellow Gourmet Corp. members in their main headquarters in the Gourmet World as they prepare to battle Ichiryu who has nonchalantly made his way in. However, they never manage to engage him in battle as they are told to stand down by Midora. As Ichiryu leaves the HQ, he warns the Gourmet Corp. members about starting a war and then releases a powerful burst of intimidation which pushes everyone in the base, including Yuu.

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Golden Wheat Arc[]

Yuu, in the New GT Robo Model faces off against Toriko.

As the Gourmet Corp. 2nd Branch searches the location of Acacia's Full Course Menu ingredients, their leader Yuu discovers the presence of the Infini Bee in the Human World which is said to lead to the hidden location of Acacia's special menu. After reporting this information to Alfaro, Yuu assures him that his Branch will take care of the task of finding and capturing the Infini Bee for the Boss, knowing full well that the boss's appetite is becoming more and more insatiable and this would likely please him greatly. Yuu then stakes the honor and reputation of his branch by taking on the mission personally and by himself, taking full responsibility for its capture. He then has Joejoe prepare him one of their latest GT Robo models for the mission and then sets off to the last known location of the Infini Bee, the isle where the Golden Wheat grows.When he arrived there, he faced Toriko. During their Fight, he tried to provoke Toriko in losing his Food Honor and told him that he stole the Century Soup from Komatsu. In the end, his Gt robo was damaged but he got the Infini Bee.Later at the Gourmet Corp. headquarters, he told Alfaro that he faced Toriko but couldn't beat him because of the robo's power. As he brought the Infini Bee into a Special room, he met Girim and told him where the Infini Bee will be stored.

This non-canon section ends here.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

When the Gourmet Corp. make their large-scale assault on Cooking Stadium, he, along with Grinpatch, and Jerry Boy, attacks from above Cooking Stadium. He is next seen standing next to and conversing with Limon, getting ready to fight the Gourmet Knights and Gourmet Yakuza, along with the Cedre, Bogie Woods, Barrygamon, and Jerry Boy.

Later, he attacks some Gourmet Yakuza with Stimulation Seasoning "Cayenne," but much to his surprise, it is intercepted by Anyo Jr.'s Sweetness Seasoning "Sugar Curtain."[2]

When Knocking Master Jiro uses his Grand Knocking, Yuu is shown to be one of the people affected (along with almost everyone else on the island).


  • Both Yuu's appearance and fighting style recall Anyo Jr.'s, suggesting a possible consanguinity or another type of relationship between them.


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