Zabel Island
Waterfall Basin of Life
Japanese ザーベル島
Romanized Zāberu-tō
English Zabel Island
Location Area 7
Affiliation Waterfall Basin of Life
Residents Elboh
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 111
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Zabel Island (ザーベル島 Zāberu-tō) is a large rocky strip of land located on the borders of the Human World sea in an elevated land area high above the sea level of Gourmet World. While half of it is in the Human World border, the island is actually a part of Area 7, one of the major regions of the Gourmet World.


Zabel Island, despite being called an island, is actually the size of a very small continent (roughly around the size of Biotope 1) which is part of Area 7's North Mountain Area. The small section of the island that is on the Human World half appears to mostly consist of barren rocky wastelands. At its edge where the land area shifts downward is the Waterfall Basin of Life, a large cliff side that acts as the "safest" route into Gourmet World that leads into the Underground Forest. The island is also the location of the IGO's 18th Barrier, one of the many barriers overseen by the IGO Bureau of Defense Management. Aside from the Waterfall Basin of Life and the 18th Barrier, not much else is seen of Zabel Island's Human World half and it is unknown if there are any settlements on it.

The Gourmet World half of the island is a vast and heavily forested region filled with all manner of strong beasts and unique environments such as those in the Underground Forest which is itself a very unique ecosystem.



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