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Zaragira 1.png
Japanese ザラギラ
Romanized Zaragira
Race Mutant
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday June 21st
Status Deceased
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Occupation Food Management Office Chief
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 222
Anime Episode 132
Japanese Kikumoto Taira
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Now then, go rampage to your heart's content!!

—Zaragira orders Nitro to attack at the Cooking Stadium.

Zaragira (ザラギラ) was a monstrous mutant and the Food Management Office chief of Gourmet Corp.


Zaragira was a blue-skinned mutant with a monstrous appearance. He had a muscular and somewhat humanoid physique and face and he had three spikes or horns jutting out of the top of his head along with a long tail. He did not wear any form of clothing.

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He was an arrogant and overconfident individual who fought without fear. He was also quite merciless, attacking and kidnapping countless chefs simply to further the Gourmet Corp.'s goals. His arrogance would prove to be his undoing.

Powers and Abilities[]

He seemed to be quite powerful physically, as the high ranked chefs were no match for him. Furthermore, he is the one who took the Nitros to the battlefield. However, he was no match against Zebra who easily killed him with a single attack. However he does seem to be able to move and use his horns and sharp protrusions in a way to tranquilize his target either through knocking or poisoning.


Cooking Festival Arc[]

He came together with Gur, bringing the trump card of the Gourmet Corp., Nitro. He gave orders to the Nitro to go on a rampage and capture the chefs. Moments later, he quickly defeated Ling Chun and threw him inside the Cage Beast.

Zaragira's skull crushed by Zebra.

Later, as Zebra makes his entrance and kills countless Scum Beasts, Zaragira and Gur decide to take him out but they prove to be no match against Zebra who instantly crushed Zaragira's skull to pieces using his Voice Breath and completely obliterates Gur with his Beat Punch.


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