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Japanese ゼブラ
Romanized Zebura
English Zebra
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday February 9th, 475 GA
Age 25 (start of the series);
29 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 255 cm
Weight 310 Kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Dharma Horse;
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 123
Anime Episode 56
Japanese Kenji Matsuda
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There's nothing I hate more than people who're cocky.

—Zebra, to Komatsu in Honey Prison.

Zebra (ゼブラ Zebura) is a Gourmet Hunter and considered to be the strongest member of the Four Heavenly Kings due to his power, battle experience and destructive capability.


Zebra Eps 57

Zebra's face up-close.

Zebra sew mouth

A rare instance of Zebra with his scar sewn up.

Zebra is an incredibly large and muscular dark-skinned man. He is physically the largest of the Four Heavenly Kings, towering over the very large Toriko. He has slicked-back dark red hair and eyebrow (although the latter are barely seen or directly not seen, being covered by Zebra's grin over his eyes almost always) and a large number of vertical wrinkles on his forehead, due in large part to his almost constant scowl. Zebra's most distinct feature is his half 'Glasgow smile', forming a large ragged tear from his lips all the way to his ear on the left side of his face, exposing all the teeth on that side. Although it hasn't been addressed, the tear very likely happened at some point when he overused a voice technique and opened his mouth too wide. This only adds to his intimidating appearance. After getting out of jail, Toriko stitched up the tear. However, the stitching was immediately undone when Zebra started shouting for food

Prior to the time-skip, Zebra normally wore a black sleeveless shirt, brown pants, and brown boots. When eating at formal events or private parties, Zebra wears a formal white tuxedo-like his fellow kings. In Chapter 173, Zebra is shown to have winter attire which consists of an orange turtle-neck accompanied by a black leather jacket. During his time in Honey Prison, he only wore a pair of black leather briefs. After the time-skip, Zebra now wears a brown sleeveless top with dark purple camouflage-pattern pants and a pair of combat boots, along with a large fur-trimmed purple coat with white fur. Sometimes, he's shirtless, and barefooted, wearing a speedo. Since he's always tan-skinned too.

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"I'm the rules!" You guys've gotta adapt to me!

—Zebra to a hostile monkey in Area 7

Zebra is described as the most savage of the Four Heavenly Kings, someone who does not stop until even the 'seed' is annihilated. A single attack from Zebra caused all the scars on Match's body. Of the four kings, he only gets along with Toriko, who seems to understand him the best, as Sunny and even Coco blatantly refused to see him for his release when suggested to do so by Toriko. It seems to be more of a rivalry than a friendship and they like to compete with each other whenever they get the chance. Zebra especially hates "cocky people", and is shown to be hot-headed, aggressive, belligerent, and obstreperous, always wanting to fight or compete with Toriko.

Zebra's Cockky

Zebra showing his dislike for cocky people.

Zebra is a violent, cruel, and heartless fighter, especially when enraged, and cannot see a bad opportunity to pick a fight. After his release, he went back among the other inmates of the Honey Prison and killed the ones who had been talking about him behind his back, with names provided by Chupali. He reveals that he hates liars more than anything (partly because he can detect lies instantly through a person's breathing and pulse) as he considers lying "the biggest way to get cocky" because "Talking shit behind their back while you spout out some insincere flattery means you're a conceited bastard who thinks nothing bad will happen just as long as no one finds out".

In spite of his negative qualities, Zebra is not without his own code of honor in that he never harms innocent bystanders, or allowing them to come to harm in either. However, he typically claims such conduct for very personal reasons, like the perpetrator being "too cocky", or that civilians were in the way of battle. A battle where he usually acts as one of the belligerents.

Even compared to Toriko, Zebra has a massive appetite and little regard for how much he eats, having eaten 26 entire species into extinction and unlike the other four kings, Zebra never shows signs of gratitude towards his food and has never said the customary "Itadakimasu" (in the anime said once during the honey prison feast) with clasped hands before eating, despite this he somehow mastered Food Honor. Due to his massive destructive capability, Zebra is considered as a Class-A dangerous creature, and his reputation alone is enough to make warring countries cease fighting each other and unite in order to defend against him. A regular person normally would run in fear of him and his release from Honey Prison had temporarily sent the world's economies into chaos.

Zebra is The Rules

Zebra declaring his own rules against that of Area 7

Because of his massive reputation as a destructive individual, Zebra sees himself as a form of nature to which he believes that anything that comes by him, from creatures of immense capture levels to harsh natures, must adapt to him and not the other way around. When he, along with the other Heavenly Kings and Komatsu, depart for Gourmet World, he states that the Gourmet World better adapt to him, and during the group's arrival in Area 7, he would claim to a hostile monkey that whilst he's not sure of the continent's own rules, he is "The rules" and that the creatures should adapt to him.

Full Course Menu[]

Zebra had no interest in a Full Course Menu as he would eat anything that's tasty, but after Komatsu refused to be his partner unless he had a fantastic Full Course, Zebra decided to start making one that will impress Komatsu enough into becoming his partner. The Capture Levels of all of Zebra's dishes are extremely high, ranging from the high 80's to 7800's, with two of them even having immeasurable levels, implying they are either from the Gourmet World or outside the IGOs jurisdiction. In either case, they are the first seen since the full course of Jiro.

Zebra’s Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Kishin Intestines 91 Decided
Soup Soup Equator Soup 87 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish ANOTHER 7800 Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish BBQ Island Immeasurable Decided
Main Course MainDish Undecided
Salad Salad BB Pill Bug 1750 Decided
Dessert Dessert Daruma Hermit's Tribute Immeasurable Decided
Drink Drink Mellow Cola 92 Decided
ANOTHERBB Pill BugMellow ColaZebra's Full Course Menu

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Anime and Manga Differences[]


Zebra in the anime (left) and in the manga (right).

  • Many of Zebra's more violent and bloody scenes are either toned down or removed completely in the anime.
  • Zebra's "language" is mostly toned down or removed in the anime.
  • In the anime, Zebra's facial appearance differs heavily from his manga counterpart.
    • Zebra's eyes are usually overshadowed in the manga, but in the anime, they are clearly visible.
    • Zebra is depicted as not having eyebrows while in the manga he has clearly been shown to have them on the few occasions where his eyes aren't overshadowed.
    • In the anime, Zebra is always drawn with a very wide grin on his face and his lips are never shown shut, which is likely done due to censorship to make the exposed part of his mouth look more like an oversized grin rather than an actual scar.
    • Zebra's forehead is also quite small when compared to the anime.
    • His hair looks more messy and less large in the anime.
  • The color scheme of Zebra's clothes is also quite different in the anime. Prior to the time-skip, Zebra is almost always shown with a black sleeveless shirt and camouflage-patterned purple pants in the manga, but in the anime the color scheme of his outfit is the one used in the cover of the Volume 16 (the only occasion where this color scheme is used), with brown shirt and gray pants (the cover of the volume shows Zebra using military-patterned pants, the anime, however, skips the pattern, most likely due to their simple animation style).
    • In the manga, Zebra is also shown to usually change his outfit just like his fellow kings when at formal events and is shown wearing a classy white tuxedo, but in the anime, he is always shown wearing the exact same outfit, except for one occasion in which he wore a black leather jacket with it.

Appearances in Other Media[]

One Piece x Toriko Crossover[]


Zebra makes an appearance near the end of the One Piece x Toriko Crossover manga special, where he along with several other characters from both franchises show up for the big dinner party prepared by Toriko and Luffy.


Zebra makes an appearance in the anime's second crossover with One Piece. He is first mentioned by Toriko in passing as still being in jail and near the end of the special during Toriko and Luffy's fight with the Raochutan, he sends out a Roar Bullet to protect Komatsu from the attacking Raochutan.

One Piece x Toriko x Dragon Ball[]

In this special crossover featuring characters from Toriko, One Piece and Dragon Ball, Zebra appears menacingly in front of One Piece's Roronoa Zoro, with Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta showing up shortly after, looking for Goku. The only scene of the fight shows both Zebra and Zoro attacking Vegeta after being challenged by him with a Sound Bazooka and 108 Pound Hou respectively, whereupon the Saiyan Prince counterattacks with a single-handed Garlick Hou in each hand. In fact, while the rest of the characters are contending in the race and capturing the Big Toro, they remain fighting even towards the end of the special.

Toriko: Gourmet Academy[]

In the manga spin-off Toriko: Gourmet Academy, a younger version of Zebra appears as a student at Gourmet Academy along with the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu.

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

Zebra makes his video game debut in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 as a playable character. In the game, he joins Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Komatsu's group a bit later in the story to help them in their ingredient expedition through the Gattsuki Continent where beasts from around the world and all capture levels reside.

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]

In Toriko: Gourmet Monsters, Zebra appears to along with the other Four Kings to take part in the Gourmet Royale beast bouts and during the game, they visit several locations around the world looking for the strongest beasts they can find and tame for the bouts. Along the way, a legendary species of beasts that once almost destroyed the planet's ecosystem in ancient times have somehow been revived and the Four Heavenly Kings are called in to deal with the reborn Death Gores and the new monstrosity, the Death Gore Chimera.

Toriko: Gourmet Ga Battle []

Toriko: Ultimate Survival[]


Zebra CAD

Zebra's CAD

  • He ranked 4th in the first Popularity Poll with 1797 votes.
  • Zebra scored 10 in Power, 3 in Speed, 3 in Intelligence, 10 in Appetite, and 10 in Special Abilities on his Capture Ability Data of Volume 15, by the events of Mellow Cola Arc.
  • The cover of Gourmet 138 is one of the few occasions where Zebra's eyebrows are visible.
  • Zebra is the last Heavenly King to include a dish from Acacia's Full Course Menu into his own, though he never had the interest to include one before.
  • Zebra shares a lot of similarities with Lo'lo' from the manga Magi.
    • They are both aggressive characters that are quick to anger.
    • They both are cruel and violent fighters.
    • They both get very excited when they are about to engage in battle.
    • They both have a Glasgow smile on their left cheek.
    • They both have relatively similar hair color. However, in Lo'lo's case, that trait is shared by all Fanalis.
  • In a special "Dream Combo" poll held for Volume 29.5 in which fans could vote for their favorite current or potential hunter/chef combo, Zebra and Brunch were voted as the most popular combo with 192 votes.

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