Zebra post-time skip


Japanese ゼブラ
Romanized Zebura
English Zebra
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday February 9th, 475 GA
Age 25 (start of the series);
29 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 255 cm
Weight 310 Kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Dharma Horse;
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 123
Anime Episode 56
Japanese Kenji Matsuda
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Hunting MethodEdit

Zebra hunts using his ability to create and manipulate sound waves through his super-humanly powerful voice, resulting in very powerful sound-based attacks and other abilities.

Zebra's abilities render him almost omnipresent within an area of several kilometers around him. His incredible hearing and skill with sound manipulation allow him to communicate and project his attacks well beyond the field of his vision, as well as locate and protect allies from afar, as he did with Komatsu in the Gourmet Pyramid. During the Cooking Fest, Zebra was able to use his abilities to surround the entire audience in personal protective sound bubbles, blasting them off of the island and safely depositing them on the mainland, all without standing or moving from his seat. Further, this massive undertaking did not even drain Zebra's stamina, as he was able to physically dominate a small group of Nitro immediately afterward.

Zebra can project his voice over dozens of kilometers both above and below ground, and can generate attacks ranging from massive shock waves to precise 'blades' of sound. The physical destructiveness of the sound can be augmented using tones which are inherently painful for humans or wild beasts to hear, and the fact that his abilities move at the speed of sound makes them nearly unavoidable. Zebra can strain his throat if he uses his sound abilities too much however, resulting in him losing his voice for a period of time. At these times, he communicates using a system of non-verbal gestures that he made up himself.

Of the Four Heavenly Kings, Zebra's sound abilities give him the greatest destructive power. His voice attacks devastate entire landscapes and produce blasts comparable to nuclear explosions. His attacks have been seen to take up the most calories seen in the series; ranging from the hundreds of millions to the billions. Zebra could store roughly 4,500,000,000 calories of energy inside his body when he was first introduced in the series, but such measurements became mostly meaningless with the introduction of Food Immersion. When fighting at very close range or in the absence of his voice powers, Zebra will resort to his monstrous physical strength, much like Toriko; even tearing apart opponents with his teeth if necessary. By the time of his battle with the Mount Turtle, Zebra has devised ways to combine his devastating sound abilities with his physical might, such as his Beat Punch technique.

Physical ProwessEdit

Zebra has extreme physical strength. During his time at Honey Prison, Zebra 'trained' by repeatedly surviving execution attempts made at his own request. His strength was enough to stop the four enormous, dinosaur-like execution beasts assigned to to tear him apart limb by limb. When preparing to use his sound attacks Zebra inhales and bulks up, nearly doubling his body mass while remaining at the same height. It is unclear if his physical strength increase along with his size, however. By the time of the Cooking Fest, Zebra has become strong enough to dominate a group of Nitro with his abilities, and even beat one nearly to death with his fists alone. Previously, he had struggled to defeat a single Nitro, even with assistance from Toriko.

Superhuman HearingEdit

Zebra's enhanced sense as on the Four Heavenly Kings is hearing, an ability Toriko has dubbed Hell Ears (地獄耳 Jigoku Mimi). Toriko claims that Zebra can hear a coin fall from "tens of kilometers away". Due to having gained considerable experience killing countless beasts, Zebra can actually hear when an enemy is going to die, analogous to Coco's ability to see that a creature is going to die through his perception of a much broader part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Zebra himself describes the ability as "hearing the steps of the Grim Reaper", and it is apparently essential to creating the inherently fatal sound generated by his Death Sound technique.


Zebra, possibly through his body producing massive amounts of adrenaline, is able temporarily regain his stamina by turning his raw anger into bodily energy. This can only be done if Zebra is incredibly enraged; he will sometimes even allow opponents to strike him in order to force himself to become angry. Although the process behind it is unknown, the effect is similar to Toriko's use of Autophagy to regain energy, and has a similarly limited duration and analogous drawbacks.

Food HonorEdit

Zebra has mastered Food Honor through unknown means, which greatly increases his fighting capabilities as well as endurance. It allows him to manipulate his voice more precisely to the point where he can create multiple missiles at once and project his voice much further than he previously could.

Food Immersion: The secret technique of Food Honor, it allows him to last longer in battle.

Gourmet CellsEdit

After Zebra is mortally wounded, Chichi feeds him cells from several Red Nitro, including itself, which increases his strength.[1]

Appetite DemonEdit

Voice Demon

Voice Demon, devastator of planets.

Zebra's Gourmet Cells are host to an ancient Appetite Demon known as the Voice Demon (ボイスデーモン Boisudēmon), which devastated planets with its voice and arm strength.[2] It is a humanoid bat-like creature with black, heavily scarred skin. Its small, dome-like head sits on top a heavily muscled body, and is dominated by a wide, toothy maw.

  • AIR:[3] Zebra's Gourmet Cells start to awake and he has more control over them than before. He can even morph his left arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • PAIR:[4] Zebra's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right arm, allowing him to morph his right arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ANOTHER:[5] Zebra's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue, allowing him to morph his tongue into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to comprehend tastes of things that were previously inedible, like rocks, and reawakens tastes and memories that were forgotten.
  • NEWS:[5] Zebra's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left leg, allowing him to morph his left leg into that of his Appetite Demon. It also gives him the ability to create and maintain Back Channels.[6]
  • EARTH:[5] Zebra's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right leg, allowing him to morph his right leg into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ATOM:[5] Zebra's Gourmet Cells awaken in his head and torso (except his brain and heart), allowing him to morph his head and torso into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • GOD:[7] Zebra's Gourmet Cells awaken in his brain.


Zebra Intimidation small

Zebra's Intimidation appears as his Appetite Demon. The color of his intimidation aura is bordeaux.

Appetite EnergyEdit

Zebra learns to use Appetite Energy alongside the other Heavenly Kings during his fight against the Four Beast, by performing the combination attack Dinner of Kings. After that, his Appetite Demon awakens.


After being defeated by Bambina, Zebra learned Enbu from "Kaka" and several masters. This allows all 60 trillion of his cells to transfer energy through and out of his body like a sieve, such as the force of attacks and the gravity of 100g Mountain.

Sound TechniquesEdit

Part 1: Human World SagaEdit

Offensive TechniquesEdit

Sound Bazooka small

Sound Bazooka (サウンドバズーカ Saundo Bazūka): Zebra lets out an unbelievably loud scream which blasts out in all directions. When Zebra is first introduced, the technique generates enough force to destroy his cell in Honey Prison and his enormous chains, and makes the giant beasts around him pass out. He has to charge this technique for a while beforehand.[8] It consumes 400,000 calories.[9]

Thunder Noise on Salamander Sphinx small

Thunder Noise (サンダーノイズ Sandā Noizu): Zebra shouts upward into the air, where a "cloud" of sound forms. The sound echoes and condenses within the cloud, becoming louder and more intense, before falling from the sky as thunderbolt-like blasts of sound.[10] It consumes 200,000 calories.[9]

Voice Missile small

Voice Missile (ボイスミサイル Boisu Misairu): Zebra screams out a blast of sound as strong as a missile.[11] It consumes 350,000 calories.[9] Zebra can fire several of these attacks in quick succession.

Zebra hitting Mounturtle with Voice Burst small

Voice Burst (ボイスバースト Boisu Bāsuto): A powerful technique similar to Voice Missile, it has a much broader spread.[12]

Voice Cutter small

Voice Cutter (ボイスカッター Boisu Kattā): Zebra uses his voice to cut his enemy (possibly through high-frequency vibrations). He is able to do this even with his back turned to the enemy. Rather than a shockwave, the vibrations produce thin 'blades' of sound.[13] This is most likely the attack he used to cause all the scars on Match's body. It consumes 250,000 calories.[9]

Single Slash Voice Cutter on Salamander Sphinx small

Single Slash Voice Cutter (一刀ボイスカッター Ittō Boisu Kattā): Zebra uses a stronger, more focused version of Voice Cutter which can move as fast as the speed of sound, fast enough to land a hit on the highly agile Salamander Sphinx. It forms a single, powerful sound blade.[14]

Machine Gun Voice on Salamander Sphinx small

Machine Gun Voice (マシンガンボイス Mashin Gan Boisu): Zebra shoots a lot of small voice "bullets" using a staccato shout.[15] It consumes 100,000 calories.[9]

Voice Breath small

Voice Press (ボイスプレス Boisu Puresu): Zebra opens his mouth very wide and generates a powerful short range sound attack. Rather than 'blasting' the opponent like many of Zebra's other attacks, the technique creates a very powerful crushing force right in front of him. Zebra first used this technique on Zaragira, killing him instantly by causing his skull to cave in before crushing his head into his chest.[16]

Zebra Meteor Noise small

Meteor Noise (メテオノイズ Meteo Noizu): A more powerful version of Thunder Noise, its intensity and area of effect are amplified several times but also require a longer charge time.[17]

Zebra hitting Mounturtle with Voice Meteor Shower small

Voice Meteor Shower (ボイス流星群 Boisu Ryūseigun): Derived from Meteor Noise, Zebra creates a multitude of meteors made of sound to rain down on an opponent. This is first used on the Mount Turtle.[18]

Zebra Death Sound small

Death Sound (死音 Shi Oto): By expending 2,000,000,000 calories, Zebra can use his voice to emulate the footsteps of the Grim Reaper. The resulting sound is undoubtedly fatal to any who hear it.[19] As of the Cooking Festival Arc, his Death Sound can affect a huge area, as he uses it to eliminate a massive armada of powerful flying Scum Beast single-handedly. Enemies with a strong enough will to live can avoid being killed.

Zebra hitting Mounturtle with Beat Punch small

Beat Punch (ビートパンチ Bīto Panchi): Zebra, in order to increase the destructive power of his punch, channels sound vibrations through his fist. This increases the destructive power of the punch many fold and generates sound waves which echo repeatedly within the victim's body, causing massive internal damage. This is indicated by the tendency of victims to bleed and foam from the mouth after being struck.[20] When used on a roughly human-sized opponent, the attack may even cause the enemy's body to explode from the internally generated forces, as in the case of Zebra's killing of Gourmet Corp. member Gur.[16]

Sound Knuckle small

Sound Knuckle (サウンドナックル Saundo Nakkuru): Derived from Beat Punch, Zebra creates a bubble of sound vibrations around his fist to increase the power of his punch. The effect of the attack produced is similar to a blow from someone wearing brass knuckles.[21]

Defensive TechniquesEdit

Weak Point Voice small

Weak Point Voice (ウィークポイントボイス Uīku Pointo Boisu): Zebra continually changes the frequency of his Strange Voice (奇声 Kisei) until he finds one that agitates the target creatures and drives them away.[22]

Roar Bullet small

Roar Bullet (吠え弾 Hoe Dama): Zebra sends out an "intimidation" sound that scare off wild animals. He first uses this to protect Komatsu from afar.[23]

Komatsu with Sound Armor small

Sound Armor (サウンドアーマー Saundo Āmā): Derived from the Roar Bullet, Zebra can create an armor of sound to encase a individual from attack. It manifests as a TV static-like coating around the recipient's body and will erect as a greenish barrier to hold attacks at bay. He uses this on Komatsu to deflect an attack from a wild animal.[24] If the armor is struck with a significant amount of force, it will dissipate.[25] It consumes 10,000 calories.[9] After drinking the Mellow Cola, Zebra can create a Sound Armor with the carbonation of the cola protecting against heat and dehydration.[26] He can also coat people with Sound Armor in the form of a bubble and make them float to a far off location.

Voice Life Jacket small

Voice Life Jacket (ボイスライフジャケット Boisu Raifu Jaketto): A variation of Sound Armor, it acts as a life jacket to those in the water. Zebra uses it to save Komatsu from drowning.[27]

Sound Wall small

Sound Wall (音壁 Oto Kabe): Zebra makes a wall of sound to block incoming attacks.[28] It consumes 50,000 calories.[9]

Supplementary TechniquesEdit

Otodama small

Sound Bullet (音弾 Oto Dama): Zebra is able to concentrate and direct his voice over a long distance (roughly 10 km) with great accuracy. He uses this skill to insult Toriko from afar, and because of its precision, even Komatsu who is standing beside Toriko could not hear the insults.[29] He is also able to make other people's voices into Sound Bullets to have secret conversations with them.

Echo Map small

Echolocation: Echo Map (エコーロケーション: 反響マップ Ekōrokēshon: Hankyō Mappu): Zebra sends out continuous sound waves that let him map out the surrounding area. This is also known as echolocation. He cannot attack while doing this because it requires great concentration.[30] The range of the map is about 70 km around Zebra who can hold this for up to 5 hours without any rest. To maintain this technique it originally takes about 200,000 calories per second, 60,000,000 calories for 10 minutes, and 3,600,000,000 calories for five hours.[31] He uses this to locate Komatsu and "see" through the mirages of the labyrinth.

Zebra using Voice Sonar small

Voice Sonar (魚群探知機 (ボイスソナー) Boisu Sōnā): A technique use in conjunction to Echo Map, it detects underwater objects. Animals that give off their own ultrasonic waves can distort Zebra's map. It is first used to find the Madam Fish.[32]

Zebra using Jet Voice small

Jet Voice (ジェットボイス Jetto Boisu): By creating a bubble of sound waves which emerge from his mouth to surround his body, Zebra uses his voice to propel himself and fly at the speed of sound. He can also use other sound techniques while using it in mid-air[33] and can move others as well by expanding the sound bubble.[34]

Speed of Sound Movement small

Speed of Sound Movement (音速移動 Onsoku Idō): A technique that gives Zebra the ability to cover short over-land distances at the speed of sound. He uses this technique to overpower the Nitro in the Cooking Stadium.[35]

Joint AttacksEdit

Speed of Sound Kugi Punch small

Speed of Sound Nail Punch (音速釘パンチ Onsoku Kugi Panchi): Toriko prepares a 17-Hits Nail Punch and Zebra launches a sound attack which propels Toriko at the speed of sound, increasing the incredible impact of Toriko's attack. This attack is first used against the Nitro in the Gourmet Pyramid.[36]

Cannon Fork + Hair Lead + Poison Coating + Thunder Noise small

Poison-coated Thunder Cannon Fork (Unnamed): An attack only seen on the anime that combines powerful techniques of all Heavenly Kings. Toriko first projects several Flying Forks to create a Cannon Fork, then Sunny drives it with his Hair Lead which gives it momentum and a direction to strike; Coco adds a Poison Coating by firing a large amount of poison at the Fork, and finally Zebra electrifies it with his Thunder Noise. Even though it was a mighty movement done against the Four Beast it had minor damage on the monster as it was quickly broken.

Ou Shoku Bansan small

Dinner of Kings (王食晩餐 Ō Shoku Bansan, Meal Fit for a King in the English versions): A joint attack using the effort and Appetite Energy of all Four Heavenly Kings. The Kings concentrate their all their energy into a ball of pure appetite, which, when launched, turns into a giant all-consuming maw. The attack will then proceed to consume the prey, regardless of the opponents actions, until it is completely eaten, and form into a ball, which harmlessly bursts after some time. One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that it will only aim for the intended prey, and nothing else, leaving anything unnecessary in a separate sphere. The greatest disadvantage of this technique is that the process of making this move requires a great deal of concentration and energy, leaving the users vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, for this technique to work, the users "appetite" and "spirits" need to sync.[37]

Poison Sound Armor small

Poison Sound Armor (ポイズンサウンドアーマー Poizun Saundo Āmā): Coco infects enemies that touch the target with poison, while Zebra protects the target with Sound Armor. This is used to protect Komatsu from Starjun during the Cooking Festival Arc.[38]

Super Voice Spatula (スーパーボイスフライ返し Sūpā Boisu Furaigaeshi): Zebra launches a Voice Missile that is repelled by Sunny's Super Spatula to increase its power

Machine Gun Sound Poison (マシンガンサウンドポイズン Mashin Gan Saundo Poizun): Zebra launches his Machine Gun Voice in conjunction with Coco's Machine Gun Poison. The sound bullets and poison bullets then merge together to create powerful poisonous sound bullets.

Part 2: Gourmet World SagaEdit

Although Zebra still uses the techniques he used during the Human World Saga, this list shows the new and improved moves he uses and learned during or after the timeskip.

Offensive TechniquesEdit

Zebra using Voice Eruption

Voice Eruption (声噴火 (ボイスイラプション) Boisu Irapushon): Zebra releases a huge pillar of a flame-like sound, directed upwards like an erupting volcano. It has a vast range of attack and is implied to make noise similar to that of a volcano eruption.[39]


Chain Bomb (連鎖爆弾 (チェインボム) Chein Bomu): Zebra launches a ball of sound (similar to Voice Missile) that explodes after a set amount of time. It is first used to kill Shigematsu's Snake Animal Partner by forcing the snake to swallow the bomb of sound.[40]

Zebra Laser Voice

Laser Voice (レーザーボイス Rēzā Boisu): Zebra emits a beam of sound that replicates the properties of a laser beam to attack in a linear range, resulting in an explosion when it hits the target. The skill is first used on a seemingly hostile monkey.[41]


Supersonic Voice Cutter (超音波ボイスカッター (ちょうおんぱボイスカッター) Chōonpa Boisu Kattā): A more powerful version of Zebra's Voice Cutter, by adding a supersonic vibration that shakes 40,000 times per second, the "blade" becomes much sharper. It is first used against Gorilla Taurus.[42]

Passing Shower

Passing Shower (村雨 Murasame): A variation of Supersonic Voice Cutter, Zebra creates multiple blades. It is first used against GOD.[43]


Fist of the Grim Reaper (死神の拳 (しにがみのこぶし) Shinigami no Kobushi): Zebra transforms his arm into Appetite Demon's arm in order to attack his opponent.[44] It is powerful enough to smack the head off of a beast with a Capture Level of over 600 with very little effort.


Death Knuckle (デスナックル Desu Nakkuru): Zebra throws a deadly punch with his enlarged Appetite Demon arm at his opponent.[44]

Explosive Echo Voice

Explosive Echo Voice (爆反響ボイス Bakuhankyō Boisu): Zebra creates a powerful shock wave of sound.[45]

Defensive TechniquesEdit

Cork Voice

Cork Voice (コルクボイス Koruku Boisu): Zebra uses his voice to patch leaks with corks made of sound. Each of these 'corks' are capable of plugging up power akin to a volcanic eruption. It is first used to stop leaks in AIR.[46]

Joint AttacksEdit

Satan Attack

Satan Attack (サタンアタック Satan Atakku): Sunny hits Zebra's Death Knuckle with his Spatula of the Demon King reflecting it with increased force into an opponent.[47]

Hair Beat Lariat

Hair Beat Lariat (ヘア ビートラリアット Heā Bīto Rariatto): After synchronizing their cells' wills, Sunny and Zebra perform a double lariat against their opponent. It is first used against Bambina.[48]

Enbu Shitennou Seiken

Four Heavenly Kings True Fist (四天王正拳 Shiten'nō Seiken): An Enbu Secret Technique used by all the Four Heavenly Kings. Having synchronized their 240 trillion cells in unison they put one of their arms together, causing these to fuse into a giant-sized arm. They then throw a powerful punch at their opponent to send him reeling. It has only been used against the Monkey King, dealing him a fair damage and making him bleed.[49]

Four Heavenly Kings Supersonic Voice Cutter

240 Trillion: Four Heavenly Kings Supersonic Voice Cutter (240兆 四天王超音波ボイスカッター Ni Hyaku Yon Jū Chō: Shiten'nō Chōonpa Boisu Kattā): After the other Four Heavenly Kings synchronize their cells' wills, Zebra launches multiple Supersonic Voice Cutters with increased power at their opponent.[50]

240 Trillion Sound Wall

240 Trillion: Sound Wall (240兆 音壁 Ni Hyaku Yon Jū Chō: Oto Kabe): Zebra creates a more powerful Sound Wall using the combined power of all Four Heavenly Kings.[51]


  • Zebra sends a Sound Bullet to Toriko (Anime)
  • Zebra sends a Sound Bullet to Toriko (manga)
  • Sound Bazooka (Anime)
  • Sound Bazooka (Manga)
  • Zebra charges Thunder Noise
  • Thunder Noise Launch
  • Thunder Noise strikes (Anime)
  • Thunder Noise strikes (Manga)
  • Zebra's Intimidation (Anime)
  • Zebra's Intimidation (Manga)
  • Sound Armor (Anime)
  • Sound Armor (Manga)
  • Voice Missile
  • Voice Cutter (Anime)
  • Voice Cutter (Manga)
  • Activating Echolocation/Echo Map
  • Echo Map (Anime)
  • Echo Map (Manga)
  • Roar Bullet
  • Sound Wall (Anime)
  • Sound Wall (Manga)
  • Machine Gun Voice
  • Single Slash Voice Cutter
  • Meteor Noise
  • Death Sound
  • Weak Point Voice (Anime)
  • Zebra uses Voice Meteor Shower
  • Zebra’s Beat Punch defeating the Mounturtle


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