Zero Mountain Range
100G Mountain
Zero Mountain Range, below the 100G Mountain
Japanese 0山脈 (ゼロさんみゃく)
Romanized Zero-san Myaku
English Zero Mountain Range
Location Area 7
Affiliation PAIR
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 282 (mentioned)
Chapter 298 (first appearance)
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The Zero Mountain Range is located at the heart of Area 7 within Gourmet World. It is a mountain range where there is no air to breathe. It is designated as a preeminent danger zone.

This area was originally mentioned by Mappy as one of the areas rumored that Gourmet Hunters needed to cross with extra-ordinary methods in order to acquire Acacia's full course.


The Zero Mountain Range is mostly a dark and barren mountainous region with very little life of any kind. At the very heart of the mountain range lies the 100G Mountain, the home of "Monkey King" Bambina and the final resting place of his mate. The surroundings around 100G Mountain are made up of the bones and carcases of animals that have been killed by the intense gravity of the mountain. The source of the unusual gravity at the heart of the region remains unknown. The Zero Mountain Range is quite vast, encompassing parts of both the East Mountain Area and West Mountain Area as well as a bit of the North Mountain Area.





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