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Zonge GGB
Japanese ゾンゲ
Romanized Zonge
English Zongeh
Aliases Zombie, Battalion, Hellraiser, Sanguellia, Zombie 2, Shirei-no-Harawata (The Evil Dead), Tonbi, Tongu, Hanage, Aburage, Bombie, Tombie, Bongo, Tonma, Longe, Bonbe, Renge, Zange, Zouri, Rotting Corpse
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday July 8th, 473 GA
Age 27 (start of the series);
31 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 182 cm
Weight 100 kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner His followers
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 8
Anime Episode 4
Japanese Wataru Takagi
English Bryan Massey
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Zongeh (ゾンゲ Zonge) is a Gourmet Hunter that Toriko and Komatsu first meet on their way to Gourmet Fortune. He provides comic relief in the series, as his cowardly nature and ineptitude in battle contrast strongly with the carefree way in which Toriko handles his environment. So far, Zongeh has survived his dangerous misadventure mostly through luck. Notably, Zongeh constantly discusses his 'skills' in terms of Role-Playing Game levels and statistics.


Zonge Expressions

Zongeh is a large and muscular man with an intimidating appearance. He has a large mustache that connects to his sideburns and a large scar over his right eye, while his long hair flows over his shoulders and is parted in the middle. He wears a simple outfit apparently made out of fur, which gives him a somewhat caveman-like appearance. However, this ferocious appearance belies his actual weakness and cowardice. Zongeh also carries a large ax on his back and wears a headband and skull necklace.

Because of his caveman like appearance, Zongeh was mistaken for a yokai when he arrived in Hex Food World, with the Daruma Hermit even commenting that because Zongeh looked like a yokai, he thought that there is yokai living in the Human World as well. When turned into a woman by PAIR's effects, he looks exactly like Bambina's deceased lover.

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Zongeh is a very arrogant, self-centered, and naive Gourmet Hunter. He likes to boast about his captures and completed full course menu, although it is made up exclusively of beasts and items with very low capture levels, (most of which a normal person could easily obtain at a store). In reality, Zongeh is weak, unskilled, and cowardly; relying on excuses and buck-passing to explain why he could not defeat a particular beast or achieve a capture. Nevertheless, on some level Zongeh seems to believe his own hype; he continues to take on perilous tasks that challenge even highly skilled Gourmet Hunter despite his total ineptitude. Much of Zongeh's bumbling seems to stem from his habit of playing video game RPGs. He seems to believe that his 'skills' in RPGs translate into real-life battle and exploration skills, and often describes his abilities in terms of numeric levels, a staple of such games.

Zongeh's knowledge of the real world of the Gourmet Age is nearly non-existent. Early in the series, he had never heard of the Four Heavenly Kings, nor of National Treasure Setsuno. He believes that the Growlrus is the strongest animal in the world. His day-to-day behavior is that of a bumpkin who does not understand concepts such as table manners, dress codes, hygiene, or even having a Gourmet ID Card. As per his conversation with Toriko at the Heavy Lodge during the hunt for the Century Soup, he reveals that he is a famous individual back home in his village, (though this could be because he may be the ONLY Gourmet Hunter in his village).


Despite being seen as a weak person in the series (acting more as a comic relief), Zongeh has shown to have seemingly inhuman traits which allow him to survive imminent dangers. For one, Zongeh has incredible luck as he has been able to survive in many dangerous environments (though often at the cost of his dignity) and frequently casually runs into such Gourmet Age luminaries as Toriko, Teppei, and Setsuno. He can also withstand harsh smells, as he was able to deal with the smell of the Dodurian Bomb while almost everyone else worldwide was affected by it.

After the time skip, Zongeh is even shown to be one of the people who was sent to aid the Heavenly Kings in Gourmet World. However, despite being in Gourmet World, the harsh weathers of Area 8 itself has already been removed during his arrival, making Area 8 safe for people meaning that even when in Gourmet World, Zongeh is free from danger.

It is unknown if he has Gourmet Cells, but he has eaten four dishes of Acacia's Full Course Menu: AIR[1], PAIR, ANOTHER, and GOD.[1]

Hunting Method[]

Zongeh relies on his ax in combat but usually turns to his surprising speed to run from powerful beasts.

Zongeh's Axe: Zongeh always carries a battle-ax which resembles a large cleaver within the sheath on his back. It is first used to behead and then bisect a Giant Millipede.[2]

Zonge Smash

Zongeh Smash (ゾンゲスマーッシュッ Zonge Sumāsshu): Zongeh throws his axe at a target. The technique is not very powerful or effective. It is first used against a Great Leg.[3].But in the anime it was used against a Sharkcrocodile.

Zongeh's Fart: Unbelievably, Zongeh is able to shock a Surprise Apple to an incredible Level 80 by farting on it. Though this should ostensibly make the Surprise Apple he scares become very valuable, no one but Apalon of the Gourmet Seven and himself would consider eating it due to the fact that he passed gas on it.


Puffer Whale Arc[]

Zongeh is aboard the train to Gourmet Fortune. He tries to bully Toriko into turning over his sake by displaying his Full Course Menu, which consists exclusively of weak and common ingredients. Although Zongeh quickly realizes Toriko is stronger than him, Toriko magnanimously offers him the sake anyway.[4] Inside the cave where the Puffer Whale dwells, Shusaku Shirakawa is attacked by a Giant Millipede[5] and Zongeh saves him by slashing the millipede in half. Despite a burst of arrogance caused by this 'victory', Zongeh quickly runs away after seeing the swarm of millipedes in his path. After escaping the cave, he runs into Toriko again, but lies that he saw the Puffer Whale and did not want to catch it because it was not fun or challenging.[6]

BB Corn Arc[]

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Komatsu, Tina, and Johannes run into Zongeh and his followers. He and his gang end up getting chased around by a number of wild beasts.

This non-canon section ends here.

Century Soup Arc[]

Zongeh appears again at the entrance to Gourmet Town, which he explains to be his first time coming to a city. He cannot get past the entrance gate because he does not know what a Gourmet ID is. Somehow Zongeh is able to get into the city and is later seen at the Bar Heavy Lodge, where he is among the hunters hired to search for the Century Soup in Ice Hell. When the ship to Ice Hell is attacked by Great Legs, Zongeh tries to defeat one by throwing his axe at it, but it does nothing.[7] Zongeh and his followers decide to take an easy route to get to the cave. However, they run into a group of Growlruses. Zongeh and his group are able to make it inside the cave. When Zongeh is about to say there is no Century Soup, Teppei uses his Knocking on him to prevent him from finishing the sentence. When the cave is about to collapse, Zongeh tells the others he found an exit and they escape Ice Hell.

Zongeh is seen again at the Country of Healing Life relaxing in an Onsen Shark. His body gets covered in Doctor Fish because his body is ridiculously dirty.

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc[]

Zongeh is one of the participants for the contest. He crossdresses as a princess because dragons love to kidnap princesses in RPG games. He offers Chris Miracle Drops for Chris and eats him but spits him out because he tastes terrible.

Mellow Cola Arc[]

Sneaking Aboard the Carriage[]

Zongeh and his followers are seen on the Deluxe Carriage, having snuck aboard believing it to be a free ride. Throughout the voyage, they enjoyed much of the festivities and gourmet ingredients available. Later that night they took part in the dance held in the dining room where Zongeh got to dance with Tina, but their fun was soon interrupted when members of the carriage's staff came to subdue Zongeh and his followers when it became clear that they had snuck on board without tickets. They were then imprisoned the in the ship's cargo hold. Where they tried to plead their innocence to no avail.

Gatsukatsu Curry Arc[]

Escape from the Carriage[]


Zongeh and his followers escape the Deluxe Carriage.

After having been imprisoned, they made a desperate escape by breaking through the hold's window despite the deep fall that awaited them. After tumbling down the walls of the ship and falling overboard into the harsh waters below, they then drifted for a while until they came across an island (which was in actuality an Islandhorse). They then began exploring the island until they came upon a vicious Watiger that ruthlessly pursued them throughout the island. They soon ran into Toriko and his group once more, and both parties were equally perplexed about the other being on the island. Zongeh then explained the details of his "heroic" escape but their meeting was soon cut short as the Watiger soon appeared and scared them off once more.

This non-canon section ends here.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Gourmet Temple Festival[]

Zongeh and his followers go to the festival at the Gourmet Temple. He participates in the Foodman contest, but fails to pull the knife out of the cutting board. In fact, his attempt was not even acknowledged during the competition.

This non-canon section ends here.

Surprise Apple Festival[]

Zongeh and his gang appear again on Surprise Island to participate in the Surprise Apple Festival. While there Zongeh manages to get a Surprise Apple to Surprise Level 80 by farting on it, giving him the festival's highest score and apples worth 80,000,000 yen.

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Autumn Break Arc[]

He is one of the contestants on the 50th Gourmet Service Competition and wears make-up, a wig, and a dress thinking it is a beauty contest. However, the judges are so disgusted by his appearance that they don't let him participate in the event.

This non-canon section ends here.

Dodurian Bomb Arc[]

When the Dodurian Bomb falls off its branch, it released a powerful stench worldwide. Everybody except Zongeh is disgusted by its odor.

Four Beasts Arc[]

Zongeh hears that the Human World is in trouble and decides to fight the Four Beast, but gets scared when he sees it. He and his followers celebrate the Four Heavenly Kings victory against the Four Beast.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Zongeh and his two followers are seen attending the Cooking Festival. When Tina interviewed him, he stated he had been making the line for 63 days in order to get in the event. He managed to get seats at Cooking Stadium to watch the tournament, however, he was greatly annoyed that he had to sit in regular seats while the Four Heavenly Kings got to sit in a deluxe area.

AIR Arc[]

A year and a half later, he was one of the many people who went to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World.

PAIR Arc[]

Zongeh in Area8

Zongeh in Area 8.

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally came into the Human World, Zongeh himself joined up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journeyed to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrived in Area 8's Hex Food World, Rin mistook Zongeh for one of the residents of Area 8, saying Zongeh looked much like a yokai. The Daruma Hermit even backed Rin's statement saying that Zongeh indeed looked like a yokai and that there are even yokai within the Human World, much to Zongeh's chagrin. After receiving a Crabbus from the Daruma Hermit, the group made their way to Area 7.

Zongeh in Area7 04

Zongeh is a Bambina's wife.

Upon arriving in Area 7, Zongeh and his subordinates were one of the first to explore the area, with Zongeh commenting that the sparsity of deadly beasts. However, his gloating is quickly cut short by the sudden appearance of three giant monkeys who become spooked by Zongeh's appearance. The monkeys then begin treating Zongeh like royalty and take him to the Birth Cry Tree where he and his followers are given their own bowl of PAIR soup. After being transformed into a woman by the soup's effects, Zongeh is carried around by the other monkeys as though he were a legendary figure while he praises the soup's flavor and believes his respect is due to his "high" capture level of "over a billion". Just then the Heavenly Kings see Zongeh's face and realize that he looks exactly like "Monkey King" Bambina's deceased lover. The confused Zongeh is then confronted by none other than the Monkey King himself who is stunned at the sight before him. The Monkey King believing his mate has returned from the grave, immediately latches on to Zongeh and begins dancing with him and showering him with kisses, much to Zongeh's horror. A now traumatized and passed out Zongeh lays in the arms of Bambina as the Monkey King begins handing out PAIRs to all the residents and visitors of Area 7.


GOD Arc[]

Zongeh arrived at the scene where Toriko has been defeated by Neo and Chichi came to save Toriko and asking him what is he doing. After the defeat of Neo and CENTER restoring everyone else who was injured by Acacia, everyone was wondering how could they have survived when Neo ate all the legendary Gourmet Luck of Froie. A shocking revelation was then made by Midora; despite Zongeh being weak, inept, a coward, and possibly the worst Gourmet Hunter in the series, he has, in fact, the greatest Gourmet Luck of any being out there, considering he had experience so many life-threatening events and yet, he escaped each and every single one of them with little to no harm done to himself. Midora demonstrated his luck by copying it and using it to restore the Human World back to its former glory.[8]

He attends Toriko and Rin's wedding and shares in Toriko and Komatsu's Full Course Menu at the reception.[1]

Zongeh eating Dodurian Bomb

Zongeh eating Dudurian Bomb

Full Course[]

Zongeh's full course menu mostly consists of ingredients that are common and can be ordered even in relatively low-ranking restaurants or stores. Apparently, he doesn't understand that a Gourmet Hunter's full course represents his life's work and his ability. He is only proud of the fact that it is complete with the Garara Gator as his main dish. It is also probable that he chose most of these dishes due to the fact that they are easy for him to get.[9] Notably, Toriko has effortlessly captured and eaten all of these dishes, some of them numerous times.

Zongeh's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Golden Caviar 2 Decided
Soup Soup Snake Frog Liver 1 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Striped Salmon Less Than 1 Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Crab Pig 8 Decided
Main Course MainDish Baby Garara Gator Less than 5 Decided
Salad Salad Almond Cabbage Less Than 1 Decided
Dessert Dessert White Apple Less Than 1 Decided
Drink Drink Energy Hennessy Less than 1 Decided


Zongeh Aliases (Manga)
Name By Arc Chapter Page
Zombie Toriko Puffer Whale Chapter 8 11
Battalion Toriko Century Soup Chapter 64 4
Hellraiser Toriko Century Soup Chapter 64 4
Zombie 2 Komatsu Century Soup Chapter 64 4
Sanguellia Komatsu Century Soup Chapter 64 4
Zombie Toriko Century Soup Chapter 68 11
Shirei-no-Harawata (The Evil Dead) Toriko and Komatsu Century Soup Chapter 93 3
Zombie Komatsu Toriko's Break Chapter 146 7
Rotting Corpse Toriko PAIR Chapter 321 13
Zongeh Aliases (Anime)
Name By Arc Episode Min
Zombie Toriko Puffer Whale Episode 04 04:31 - 15:12
Zombie Komatsu BB Corn Episode 19 12:57
Tonbi Tina BB Corn Episode 20 11:42
Tonbi Tina BB Corn Episode 26 08:01
Tongu Komatsu Century Soup Episode 23 03:48
Hanage Toriko Century Soup Episode 25 06:52
Aburage Tina Century Soup Episode 26 08:03
Bombie Tina Century Soup Episode 26 15:52
Tombie Tina Century Soup Episode 31 09:20
Bongo Komatsu Century Soup Episode 36 20:43
Zombie Toriko Century Soup Episode 38 05:16
Tonma Tina Gourmet King Deciding Battle Episode 42 19:15
Longe Komatsu Mellow Cola Episode 58 09:25
Zombie Komatsu Mellow Cola Episode 58 14:06
Bonbe Tina Mellow Cola Episode 64 20:37
Renge Komatsu Toriko's Break Episode 69 20:08
Zange Tina Toriko's Break Episode 72 04:08
Zouri Komatsu Toriko's Break Episode 73 05:40
Ronge Tina Cooking Festival Episode 126 05:35


Zonge CAD

Zongeh's CAD

  • Due to the similarity between his name and the word zombie, Toriko, as well as everyone else except his two sidekicks, constantly call him "Zombie" or give him zombie movie names.
    • In the anime, likely due to copyrights, the characters simply mispronounce his name.
  • Zongeh was able to surprise a Surprise Apple to Level 80 simply by farting on it. Toriko was only able to scare it up to Level 50 with his Nail Punch. The only known recordings higher than Zongeh's were performed by Ichiryu (Level 95), Jiro (Level 92), and supposedly someone in the Gourmet Corp. (presumably Midora, somewhere in the 90s).
  • He ranked 16th in the first Popularity Poll with 146 votes.
  • Apart from his subordinates, Match was the first to call him Zongeh.
  • Zongeh scored 3 in Power, 2 in Speed, 1 in Intelligence, 9 in Appetite and 3 in Special Abilities on his Capture Ability Data of Volume 6, by the events of Regal Mammoth Arc.


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