Dohsa, Bei and Zyper
Japanese ザイパー
Romanized Zaipā
Aliases Zaiper
Race Mutant
Gender Male Male
Birthday March 13th
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. 6th Branch Subordinate
Partner Cedre (superior),
Bei and Dohsa,
Gido (formerly, deceased)
Personal Status
Relatives None mentioned
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 34
Anime Episode 10
Japanese Oobayashi Youhei
English Martin Cervantes
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Zyper, also known as the "Mysterious Man", is a subordinate within the Gourmet Corp.'s 6th Branch, the food procurement division.

He was a minor antagonist during the Regal Mammoth Arc and the Cooking Festival Arc.


Zyper is a tall man with dark yellow skin, red tattoo markings over his face and arms, has sharp teeth and pointy ears, giving him the appearance of a goblin. His attire consists of a dark purple vest and purple wristbands and pair of dark blue pants, and he also wears a necklace and belt that appear to be made from bones and a small skull.

At some point after the events of the Regal Mammoth Arc, Zyper somehow became giant in size, with even larger muscles and now has a pair of large wings on his back

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Zyper is a temperamental and hostile individual who will gladly attack anything that gets in his way whether they be man, woman or beast. He is one to hold intense grudges, as shown when he was willing to kill Gido for smashing his GT Robo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zyper GT Robo

Zyper using the GT Robo's shoulder guns.

Not much is known about Zyper's true abilities, but he was at least skilled enough in the basic usage of an "Artillery Type" GT Robo, although it is unknown how skilled he was in using it as it was crushed easily by a Regal Mammoth and a "Giant Type" GT Robo before its full capabilities were shown.

Sometime after the Regal Mammoth Arc, Zyper is now a giant with even larger muscles, indicating that he is now far stronger than he was before, though it is unknown by how much. He also sports a pair of wings on his back, although it is unknown whether he can fly with them or not. He is also immune to the highly potent "King Sleep Fragrance" of the King Sloth which can put any creature to sleep for a whole month.


The following techniques were all performed by Zyper with the usage of his GT Robo.

  • Laser: Like all GT Robos, the Artillery Type has a laser outfitted in its "face" as well as numerous others mounted on its body, such as its wrists and shoulders.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

GT Robo 2

Zyper exploring the 1st Biotope.

Zyper, along with Gido, Sedoru and Dohsa were assigned, as part of a GT Robo capture squad to infiltrate the 1st Biotope and retrieve the Jewel Meat of the Regal Mammoth, however while Zyper was the first to reach the Regal Plateau where the mammoth resided, he was immediately crushed by the gigantic beast while he was distracted eliminating a Jabrasnake and Tile Turtle which he deemed to be "bothersome". Soon after, his crushed GT Robo was found by Gido, and Zyper requested for his assistance but instead Gido mercilessly crushed Zyper's already broken mechanical body to ensure that he got all the credit for the Regal Mammoth's capture.[1]

Later on Zyper demanded Joejoe to let him kill Gido for his actions, but Joejoe disapproved and warned Zyper to remain level headed or else face Vice-Chef Starjun’s wrath who was currently there aiding in the mission. [2]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Bei teases Rin

Zyper and his partners teasing Rin.

Zyper, along with assigned partners, Bei and Dohsa, was one of the many Gourmet Corp. members that invaded the Cooking Festival. During the invasion, they confronted Rin after they noticed she was knocking out their beasts and proceeded to tease her while voraciously salivating over her thighs. Rin then used her special King Sleep Fragrance to try and subdue the terrible trio, but all proved immune to her spray, forcing her to use her Fragrance Swords which allowed her to easily subdue the vile team.


  • His voice actor also voices Ram and Brubo.


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